What is yours?
Mixed media installation: digital prints on 144 pearl papers pinned on canvas 190 x 490 cm, folded object out of maps 50 x 150 x 70 cm on a socket.
Space imagery is provided by © MAXAR 2019
Co-existing principle of the life on the planet means compromises but it matters what integrity is broken. Are you ready to adapt yourself to the environment? Or do you prefer to work for better changes even it can sink your boat? Probably you would escape to spend efforts in another context. There are only three general ways of interaction that could be chosen. This is personal choice for everyone, however all of them create a global statement. I have made my choice. What is yours?

The project is devoted to personal choices which together make a global statement. Visualities of the project refer to the urgent environmental problem of ocean garbage that has international scale out of bounds of geographical and political context. The photo collage is based on real space imagery of the area so called garbage island in the Pacific ocean.