Artist Statement

I was born and grew up in an ordinary Soviet Union family. Being a child I collected a lot of stuff to create toys and tell different stories. However, I was not allowed to go to an art school; therefore, I graduated from the Faculty of Geography of Lomonosov Moscow State University and worked for years on international projects based on satellite imagery of the Earth. Despite succeeding in the aerospace industry I changed my life and committed to be an artist. Finally, I did the Art school course and now work in Berlin as a visual cross-disciplinary artist whose practice flows between photography, painting, installation, textile art and performance.

I understand artistic practice as a social engagement act and believe that art can make the world better. My artworks, based on intersectional feministic approaches, question a dominant interpretation and focus on environmental and gender challenges. I am consistent on a critique of the patriarchal society, in which oppression of women has lasted for centuries. However, worldwide there are still a lot of cases of the female body objectification, today no country has solved a discrimination problem.

Continuing the tradition of the Moscow School of Conceptualism, I pay a special attention to chosen mediums and techniques that should reinforce the project idea. Playing with scales and producing a variety of forms, I set different limits and do a lot of experiments to achieve accuracy, purity and completeness of the artistic statement.