Artist Statement

I have been doing art all my life. I was born and grew up in an ordinary Soviet Union family. In my childhood, I collected a lot of different things, used everything that was found at home and on the street to create toys and tell different stories. However, I was not allowed to go to an art school; therefore, I graduated from the Faculty of Geography of Moscow State University, then successfully worked many years on international projects based on satellite imagery of the Earth. Finally, I did the art school course and now working as a visual cross-disciplinary artist whose practice flows between photography, installation, textile art and performance.

When I was 16, my life was utterly destroyed by the car accident, that has made me extremely sensitive about false and fake and pushed to reconsider an environment and relations. In my artworks, I am consistent on a critique of contemporary society general order, ecology and gender challenges, systematically and thoroughly gathering kernels of the truth among the contexture of artificial conventionalities and agreements. Still relying on the scientific approach, I explore processes and conditions by doing a lot of experiments and setting different limits to stimulate the understanding of the core.

Built on the Soviet School of the Conceptualism, my projects are driven by ideas and supported by openly and fluidly chosen mediums and technics, most of the works are created manually to keep sincerity and naturalness in the art. Playing with scales and producing a variety of forms, I try different ways to attain the completeness to the full extent of the artistic statement. My artworks narrated in the symbolic language open spectators prospects constructed by different contextualisations to explore and translate transition processes from one condition to another that differ and matter in the life and the death duality paradigm. Considering art as a linguistic translation to talk about vital issues, my artworks both create and discover the sensual delicacy, the naturalness as a synonym of the verity is a key to understanding my practice and poetic insights.