300 words about me

i have been doing art for all my life. i was born and grew up in ordinary soviet union family, in my childhood i collected a lot of different stuff and used everything that was found at the home and on street to create toys and tell different stories. however i was forbidden to go to art school therefore i graduated the faculty of geography of moscow state university, then successfully worked many years on international projects based on satellite imagery of the earth. field works, expeditions, business trips allowed me to travel a lot around the world and have a plenty of meetings and discussions with people from different cultures and backgrounds.

when i was 16 my life was completely destroyed by the car accident, that has made me extremely sensitive about false and fake and pushed to reconsider my environment and relations. the process is not finished and still painful, the art is one of the main driver of that. finally i did my art school course and now feel the art as not just a hobby but as my primary activity. nature and kids that are not able to be disingenuous inspire me and fill my energy every day of my life.

my artistic practice usually studies the life and the death issues, explores the transitions of one state to another, throughly translates any indicators of external and internal changes into the art. the approach is based on the research of processes between different human and nature states. my projects are driven by ideas that are supported by chosen mediums and technics through a lot of experiments, most of works are created manually to keep sincerity and naturalness in the art. i consider mediums as languages of the art that i use to talk about vital issues.